Studii clinice


  • Visual and refractive outcomes in amblyopic eyes with moderate myopia after implantation of a posterior chamber collamer phakic intraocular lens in comparison with corneal laser surgery. Author: F.González-López (Spain) Free-paper
    Conclusion : From this study with up to 1 year follow-up, the authors concluded that in this long series of moderately myopic eyes with sub-optimal vision, LASIK and Visian ICL implantation rendered a statistically significant visual gain compared to preoperative values. The authors‘ concluded that the Visian ICL group performed significantly better than the LASIK group in terms
    safety and efficacy in this study.
  • Vision quality comparison after Visian ICL and femtosecond LASIK surgery for myopia. Author: Z. Jin (China) Free-paper
    Conclusion : According to this study Visian ICL implantation induced less HOAs than femtosecond LASIK procedure for the correction of high myopia. ICL implantation provided better visual quality compared with LASIK treatment.
  • Correction of moderate to high hyperopia with the implantable collamer lens (ICL): 3 to 6 year follow-up. Author: F. Benda (Czech Republic) Free-paper
    Conclusion : According to this study with follow-up of up to 6 years, implantation of ICL is a safe, effective, predictable and stable method for the correction of moderate and high hyperopia. In 3 eyes with low vault of less than 100μm, no cataract or anterior subcapsular opacity formation occurred during the study period.
  • Prevalence of Cataract after Implantable Collamer Lens for High to Low Myopia. Author: R. Montés-Micó (Spain) Poster
    Conclusion : According to this long-term study with up to 7 years follow-up, the incidence of cataract is low with the Visian ICL V4 model and zero for the other ICL models evaluated: V4B and V4c with CentraFLOW Technology. The authors concluded that the the prevalence of cataract was higher for older patients and higher refractive errors in patients that had Visian ICL V4 model.
  • V4B Toric Implantable Collamer Lens for Myopic Astigmatism: One Year Follow-up. Author: T. Ferrer-Blasco (Spain) Poster
    Conclusion : The outcomes of this study with a 1 year follow-up indicate that this toric ICL model was predictable, stable, safe and effective to correct astigmatism between 1.5D and 6D of astigmatism.
  • Clinical outcomes following implantation of a collagen copolymer epicrystalline intraocular lens with a central hole for the correction of myopia. Author: D Almanzar (Spain) Free-paper
    Conclusion : According to this study the authors found high predictability, stability, efficacy and safety outcomes at 2 years follow-up.The authors also considered the Visian ICL with CentraFLOW Technology to have good tolerance to high vault without inducing IOP complications.